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  • Urban Outfitters
  • Volkswagen
  • Jordan
  • Wow Magazine / Editorial
  • Nordea
  • Diesel advertorial
  • Freia / Kvikk Lunsj
  • Marie Claire UK / Det Nye
  • Costume editorial
  • Let them it cake
  • ELLE / Harper´s Bazaar (gr)
  • 160 G editorial
  • John Frieda advertorial in ELLE
  • GQ (uk) / C Bruerberg
  • Henne editorial
  • Defa
  • Steen & Strøm
  • ELLE Italia / Henne
  • Muteen / Roots
  • Jimmy Choo
  • DnB
Urban Outfitters
Client Registration
You need to be registered as a client to have full privileges for booking at Pholk. You can always contact our Copenhagen or Oslo office directly for bookings or requests. 

By covering all aspects in a production Pholk has, since it opened its doors in 2003, been a great resource for photographers, directors, stylists, and advertisement agencies. 

Our archives consist of a very high standard of models that meet a number of different criteria. Whether you are looking for a catwalk model for an underwear show, amateur actors for central roles for a TV commercial, or a sweet old grandma for a chocolate advertisement, you have come to the right place.

We also book professional actors and dancers, experienced in theater-, advertising-, film-, and TV productions, as well as extras to accompany them.

If you need something special for your photo production, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our archives contain the oddest things, such as pimped-up cars, vintage furniture, rare animals, or surprising locations.


Pholk Production helps you to simplify the process of putting together a production.  We cover all aspects of the production, and have been a great resource to photographers, stylists and advertising agencies.

Models: fashion models, lifestyle models, catwalk models, commercial models, amateur actors, babies, senior citizens, fitness models, lingerie models, hand- and feet models, fishermen, Santa Clauses, bikers, lookalikes, tattoo models, business men, and much, much more. If you are a registered client, you can find models that speak fluently Russian, models that are decent mountain climbers, models that are trained acrobats, etc.

Props: If you need something special for your photo production, this will be the place to look: American oldtimers, shiny red sports cars, an 18th century sofa, a grumpy Chihuahua, a white horse, or maybe a Harley Davidson?

Locations: Browse through our locations and find that wonderful place that suits the needs of your production. Can't find what you are looking for on the site? Give us a call and we'll assist you in your search.

Actors: The people you meet here are professional actors. Extras and talented amateur actors you will find under Model (Amatør skuespiller) in the menu. 

Dancers: Experienced dancers with different skills. We have dancers that are doing ballroom, break, and disco, classical ballet or even the funky chicken.

Photographers: Here you will find some of the top fashion- and advertising photographers in Scandinavia. Pholk does NOT represent these photographers, we are just making things easier for you while setting up your production. Contact info can be found in each photographer's profile.

Stylists: Some of Scandinavia's most experienced stylists (clothing, hair, make-up)are listed here. Pholk does NOT represent these stylists, we are just making things easier for you while setting up your production. Contact info can be found in each stylists profiles.

Stage & Sound: We have several partners that offers catwalk rig, light and sound. Check them out!

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