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You have probably noticed that in the world of commerials and advertisement a lot of different faces are being used. Most of these people get booked through an agency. We are always looking for children, teenagers, adults as well as older people of all measurements and sizes for all types of commercials and advertisements. Pregnant women, small children, bodybuilders, business men, tattoos lovers, hair,-hand, or feet models, circus artists, lookalikes, red hair, curly hair, no hair,... you name it! 

We also represent many models for fashion shows, and shoots in fashion magazines and fashion advertisements. In this case there are some criteria the models have to meet. Girls should be in between 173-181 cm, boys 183-193 cm.

If this sounds like something for you, you can send us a mail with some more information about yourself and a few pictures. Send us some close-ups of your face (no make-up), and some full length pictures that do not hide your main body features. If you have some professional pictures of yourself, you are of course welcome to send them too.
Our e-mail address is post @ pholk.no for Norway, or post @ pholk.dk for Denmark.
In PDF each model is represted with 4 images.
You may select which images to use by clicking 4 of them. Click again to unselect.