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I have participated in some Magazines for some years ago. I worked in a commercial company McCann and did some modelling there as being PL on Projects!
I have done some shows on catwalk when i was younger. I see myself as a good catwalk -atear.

I have been dancing all my life both ballet, at
- The Norwegian Opera and as an Aerobic instructor for 17 years.

I feel that I have good control, confidence and that I wear my body in a good way. I would love to do some Dance-style Catwalks :-)
I have not done any commercials, but I would love to do it. I am a very happy and outgoing person and love to try new and meaningful things - witch I can grow as a human being.
I have been working as a Digital Solution Manager for Orkla (Norwegian Food and Health specialist)

I speak fluently Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Language - I have lived in Denmark for 7 years and had a summerhouse in Sweden since I was born. I also speak German (had it in School)

I am a person that loves family, friends and meaningful people and I am not afraid of challenge myself. I am very happy in my heart and soul and are in a great place in life.

Hope that I am of interest and that we can do great work together!

I am flexible on time, I run my own company now and are able to participate on short notice for a great work experience.
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