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  • Anke Olsen
  • Anke Olsen
  • Anke Olsen
  • Anke Olsen
  • Anke Olsen
  • Anke Olsen
Anke Olsen

Name and age: Anke Olsen (39)

Born in: Rostock, Germany

Live in: Ski, Norway

When and why did you decide to become a model? I have been working sporadically as a model since I was 17. In September 2004 I registered in at that time, a newly founded Pholk.

Favorite city? Berlin and Brooklyn

What’s your best mermory so far- working as a model? Two days in a boat with a super crowd of models, stylists and photographers.

Which clients have you worked for?
Tine, Aker Brygge, Netcom, NCC, Hewlett Packard, Estetique, Snøfrisk, Sunkost, Posten, Defa, Masstige, Sparebank1, Microsoft, NHO, Norwegian, Ruter, Vinterbro senter, Norsk Ukeblad, Boots, Color Line, Norsk Tipping, Toyota, +++

Positive and negative aspects of the job? Have very few negative experiences, most are very professional and friendly .

Is the modeling world what you expected it to be? Some have "sharp elbows" because they have a goal they want to reach. I believe more in working together to produce the best possible results . Since I am also an adult model I am also confident and professional enough to focus mostly on the creative part of the job, not just all that vanity.

Your dreamjob? Architect or Writer

Personal style? Bohemian

Favorite food? Sushi and Indian

Favorite music? Progressive rock

Favorite movies? 'Sex and Lucia', 'En Kärlekshistoria', 'My Life as a Dog' and 'La Délicatesse'.

Favorite writers? Siri Hustvedt and Jonathan Franzen

Favorite thing to do when you have some time off? Concerts and festivals

Fashion tips for the reader? Have confidence in your personal style, and seek inspiration in social media and magazines.

Do you have any other passions in life? Art and culture.

How do you keep in shape and ”fit for fight”? Exercise a little yoga and pilates. I have tree children who also keep me active.

What’s your plan for the future? Laugh out loud, eat chocolate and drink wine.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? As I am now, only with even more smile-wrinkles.

Which tips and advices do you have for aspiring models just starting out, something you wish someone would have told you? Be confident in yourself as a person. And remember to be professional on assignments.

Can`t live without? My family, friends and music.

Happiness is? To love.

Thank you for your time Anke!  


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