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  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
  • Ingrid & Oda
Ingrid & Oda
We are herby happy to present an interview with our twin models Ingrid & Oda Hartmann Bjørndalen. Just turned 17, they both are already quite experienced. 

Name and age: Ingrid Hartmann Bjørndalen & Oda Hartmann Bjørndalen (16)

Born in: Copenhagen/ Roskilde, Denmark

Live in: Oslo, Norway

When and why did you decide to become a model?

Ingrid: I became a model about two years ago. It was one of my childhood dreams, so when I first got the opportunity, I couldn’t say no. Modeling seemed very exciting and fun!

Oda: I got the opportunity when I was 14, and it sounded fun, so I said yes.

How did you get discovered?

Ingrid: I sent some pictures of my bedroom to a teen magazine, TOPP. When they came home to me, they said I was very photogenic and that I should consider to become a model. The photographer invited me and my twin sister for a testshoot so we could send some pictures to Heartbreak. After they had received the pictures, we were invited to speak to one of their agents, and then the adventure began.

Oda: Haha that’s a funny story! My twinsister invited TOPP, a teen magazine, to take som pictures of her bedroom. Ida Bjørvik, the photagrapher, and the journalist asked us if we wanted to become models. Ida invited us to a photoshoot and later published one of the photos on her blog. Jonas noticed, and contacted us.

Does your parents or friends give you any advices about the industry?

Ingrid: When I need advice about the industry, I prefer to ask my agency rather than my parents or friends, as they are the experts. But of course my parents and friends give me a few advices as well.

The first time Heartbreak/Pholk called you about a job, how did you feel and react?

Ingrid: I was so excited! Of course I was a little nervous, because I was going to do something I had never done before, alone. 

Oda: I was so exited!! I remember I called my best friend and screamed out. But I was quite nervous as well.

What was your first job, and was it as you expected it to be?

Ingrid: My first job was scary and interesting! I didn’t knew anybody and I was much younger compared to the people I worked with. At that time I was a little bit shy, but now I’m a lot more confident. It took a lot longer time than I expected, but I still had fun because I met so many nice people.

Oda: My first job was the shoot with Ida Bjørvik. I didn’t know anything about the model industry, and expected it to be like ''Top Model''. Since I already had been on a photoshoot before I knew what was going to happen. But I was very exited about the team I was going to work with. I remember the photographer asked me to bring some clothes and I literally brought my whole wardrobe.

Which clients have you worked for?

StyleMag, Morris, Steen & Strøm, Ganni, Nina Jarebrink, Line of Oslo, TSH, Wow Supr, UP, Christina Ledang, Leila Hafzi, Intercoiffure, and Epilogue, to name a few.

What is your dream and goal in the future working as a model?

Ingrid: I want to work hard, so I can become a successful model living in New York. My dream is to travel all around the world. I love to travel and meet new people! 

Oda: My dream is to move to New York or London and work there as a model! It would have been so fun to do the Victoria Secret show, or to be in an Abercrombie and Fitch campaign. Also one of my biggest dreams is to be on the cover of Vogue of course.

Do you have any favorite city you want to visit?

Ingrid: I have seen a lot of the world already, but I haven’t been in New York yet. Cape Town and Buenos Aires sounds fun too!

Oda: I really want to visit Cape Town and New York! I´ve never been there before, but I fell in love with New York in the movies and have been i love with Africa since I was there in 2011.

Do you have any idols or people who inspires you?

Ingrid: I get inspired all the time by the people around me. If I had to choose one idol, it would be Kate Moss. She is herself all the way, and has a really cool style. Her career is amazing and inspiring.

Oda: I don’t have one specific person who inspires me, but I get inspired of the people I surround me with. But I must say that Kate Moss is such an inspiration!

How is your personal style?

Ingrid: I’m a social, energetic and free soul! My friends describes me as an open, weird and confident person.

Oda: I will describe my style as laidback, rocking and classic.

Favorite food?

Ingrid: Italian and sushi. I looove good food.

Oda: Sushi and Italian pizza.

Favorite music?

Ingrid: Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Naughty Boy and Disclosure!

Oda: Frank Ocean, Disclosure, One Republic and Kendrick Lamar

Favorite movies?

Ingrid: That is a tough question! I can’t pick one favorite movie, but my favorite TV-series is 'Friends'. Some of the best movies I’ve seen are 'Forrest Gump', 'The Untouchables' and 'Into the Wild'. My favorite comedies are 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' and 'This Means War'.

Oda: That must be 'Into the Wild' and 'LOL'.

Favorite books?

Ingrid: I rarely read books, but I have read a very good book named 'The Secret' written by Rhonda Byrne.

Oda: I don’t like to read, so I haven’t read alot. But I like 'The Snowman' by Jo Nesbø and 'The Secret' by Rhonda Bhyrne.

Favorite thing to do when you have some time off?

Ingrid: Tumblr and good music, a great movie or yoga.

Oda: Lay in my bed for a whole day listening to music, with a cup of coffee and being on tumblr.

Any opinions/ political views you would be willing to fight for?

Ingrid: Anti-racism and Human rights.

Oda: Women’s rights!

How do you stay healthy and ”fit for fight”?

Ingrid: I eat clean and work out hard. I drink a lot of water! I also cook granola, which is really good. My favorite sports are yoga, pilates and running. When winter comes, I prefer cross-country skiing.

Oda: I try to eat clean and healthy, drink a lot of water, and do some yoga and pilates

What’s your plan for the future?

Ingrid: I’m sixteen years old, and trying to decide about the future. I want to travel, live abroad, become a surfer and fall in love.

Oda: I want to travel as much as I can, work as a model for two years before I move to either Bergen, Copenhagen or Stockholm to study economics or law.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ingrid: In ten years, I’m educated and I hopefully have seen more of the world!

Oda: Living happily with the love of my life. I have traveled the world, and have a great job that I love.

Can`t live without?

Ingrid: Familiy, friends, music and dreams. 

Oda: My friends and family, music, food, tumblr and my iPhone haha

Happiness is?

Ingrid: Happiness is all the things that make me smile! Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make something of the moment you’re in right now.

Oda: When you stop waiting for things and make something of the moment you’re in right now.


Thank you for your time Ingrid & Oda!

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