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Gitte Lill - Video Interview for Vogue
  • Gitte Lill / Vogue Italy / Pholk
  • Gitte Lill / Vogue Italy / Pholk
Gitte Lill / Vogue Italy / Pholk

Vogue Italy interviewed 26 year old Gitte Lill. Gitte who's a professional dancer started her modeling career at PHOLK in Norway, and is now represented by the best agencies all over the world. She is now based in New York where she is working full time as a dancer and a model. Gitte is concidered a 'curvy' model in the high-fashion industry, but she managed to turn her beautiful natural curves into one of her strongests points.

Gitte now works with worldwide big clients as Vogue, Glamour and Loreal.


You can see the VOGUE interview here:   http://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-curvy/glam-and-curvy/2013/02/gitte-lill-paulsen



And Gittes's full profile on PHOLk here:  http://pholk.dk/models/15803/1/profile?context=search&retpage=1


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