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Gitte Lill
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Fitness magazine US, Bridal magazine US, New You magazine US, Zest London, Glamour magazine U.S, Cosmopolitan magazine France, BIBA m france, Self m U.S, Avantage m France, BIG m U.S, ABC Liban, ELLE russia, Det Nye, Shape Up, Mag, Allers, KK, Estetique, Sten og Strøm, HENNE
Miroglio Fashion Group, Elina Miro Milan fashion week, Leila Hafsi , Maggie Wonka, Nora Fahra, Undorn, Sebastian, Bestsellers, TSH, Adam og Eva, L`oreal, Wella, Helene Westby, Tina Haagenen, LUG, Carlings, Levis, Lesego Merona, Moods Of Norway, Anita Leer, Moteforum, Helly Hansen, Gara fashion, Marcain, OFW,

Line of Oslo/Oslo Runway
Line of Oslo

Line of Oslo-visning under Oslo Runway
Line of Oslo
Jordan, Kiwi, NRK, Bocca, Jotun, Pierre Robert "Love your moves"

Line of Oslo lookbook
Line of Oslo

Pierre Robert merbruk
Pierre Robert

Line of Oslo visning
Line of Oslo

Pierre Robert
PIerre Robert

SATS merbruk

VIC campaign

Kari Traa/Voss line
Kari Traa/Voss line

You catalogue


KappAhl ecommerce

Fleischer Couture
Fleischer Couture

KappAhl ecommerce

Helly Hansen
Helly Hansen
Interview VOGUE Italy, Cubus, Macy`s, Cupid Intimates, Alex and Anis jewellery, Avon, Evans London, Avon fashion, Simply Swim US, Fashion Bug, Woman Within, Romance, Lord And Taylor, Elisabeth Cotton, Inmocean swim wear,Kohls, Dots, Saks, Horze, Perre Robert, Vitus, Sten og Strøm,Emilia Lay, Ulla Popken, Peter Hahn, Raumaull, You, Camus, Flust, Langaard Gullsmed, Unik undertøy, Pikene bak slottet design, Center Team div magasiner, Handelskompaniet

"American Dream" Solveig Selj

"Night Out" Solveig Selj

Bachelore, National Academy Of The Arts, Faculty Stage Art

Moods Of Norway, Ricco Vero, Leila Hafsi, OFW, Melodi Grand Prix NRK, LUG Operan, Celine Engelstad, Moteforum, L`oreal, Grease Oslo Spektrum, Amandapris utdelingen, Gullruten, Spelemansprisen, Mote med Mening, Nobel Peace Prize Consert AR Rachman, TheShowMustGoOn turnè, Gone Too Soon MJ tribute, Skal vi Danse tv2, Opening ELM store oslo, Oslo Dance Ensemble event Posthallen, Abba tribute Grieghallen, Norske talenter, Undorn pointshoes New Opera,

Music videos:
Rudenko- Everybody, Madame Michelle mp3, Evo- Fever, September- can`t get over + choreography, Sivert Høyem -under construction,

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